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Are anti-depressants an expensive form of faith healing?

The National Health Service in the UK released figures last month showing it gave out 71 million prescriptions for anti-depressants in England last year, which is double the figure from a decade ago. Seven million adults (14% of the adult population) are now on anti-depressants, as well as 300,000 children. Anti-depressants cost the NHS around £9 billion a year, which is a large chunk of its £125 billion annual budget.

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Where next for well-being policy?

I went to the book-launch of a new book on well-being policy yesterday, which brought together some leading figures in this nascent movement - including David Halpern of the government’s ‘nudge unit’, Canadian economist John Helliwell, psychologist Maurren O'Hara, and Juliet Michaelson of the new economics foundation.

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