Weird dreams (1)

I had a weird dream last night. I was standing on a beach looking out to sea, and I saw a large plane crash into the waves. Then another. Then another. I wondered if I was asleep or dreaming, but my eyes were open, and there it was happening in front of me. 'The system must be broken', I thought to myself. I looked out onto the sea, and saw it was foaming with shapes - hundreds of whales moved about in the sea, raising their tails majestically.

Then, in the dream, I dreamt I was discussing the dream with a therapist. 'It's kind of cut-and-dry Freudian, isn't it? The high-flying aspirations of the ego thwarted, and the deep mysteries of the unconscious churned up...Or Jungian. Maybe it's more Jungian.' So I was analyzing my dream in my dream.

Weird dream. Not as weird as the dream I had in the middle of the night, which woke me up, about a cannibal psychopath who had killed, and eaten, 15,000 people, and still not been caught. Why 15,000?