Three varieties of ecstasy

For this week's newsletter, I offer you three varieties of ecstasy.

First, the historical variety. I interviewed Bernd Bosel, a philosopher and historian of 'enthusiasm', and we discussed how the Enlightenment tried to marginalize and pathologise ecstatic experience. Try a dose of that here.

Second, the musical variety. I interviewed Brian Eno (yes, Brian flippin' Eno!) about ecstasy and surrender in music. Does art give us the experience of surrender while jettisoning the dogma of religion? Try that variety here.

Finally, the religious variety. Last week I was in Wales, at a Christian retreat on the Pembrokeshire coast called Ffald-y-Brenin, where I had a full-on ecstatic experience. Am I crazy? You decide! Try that variety here.

Try one or try them all. Go crazy.

Until next week,