The rise of hubs

Nice video here from the Hub Vienna, a new open space office / network for social entrepreneurs. There are a few such places here in London - Hub Kings Cross, Hub Westminster, Hub Old Street - and other Hubs appearing across Europe, like Hub Amsterdam. I like them....a good solution for freelancers looking for community, although when I briefly joined the Hub Kings Cross I found you didn't necessarily talk to the people sitting at your table, so maybe it was just an expensive internet cafe with a meeting room? But I guess the idea is you strike up conversations, find connections and gradually build up a community of like-minded people. Certainly the Hub Westminster is a really awesome space which seems to be attracting a lot of interesting people.
Anyway, I think they might all be set up by the same organisation...or perhaps they're a franchise? The main site is, which tells me:

The idea of the Hub has been spreading like wildfire and resulted in the emergence of a global movement to create Hubs across all five continents. To date, there are 26 open Hubs and many more in the making, ranging from Melbourne to Johannesburg and Sao Paulo. The ambition is clear: To become a truly global network of thriving Hubs all over the world, building a vibrant community of entrepreneurial people who work at the leading edge of social innovation through collaborative action. Locally embedded and globally connected.

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