Resisting the corporate state

It's an unlikely YouTube hit. Not sneezing pandas or dancing babies, but a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist talking for three hours about the corporate takeover of the world. I haven't heard of him before, but former NYT journalist Chris Hedges gives a remarkable performance, discussing with intelligence and a quiet moral rage the over-reaching of American empire, the triumph of the corporate state, the decline of the left, what's wrong with the liberal elite, the Occupy movement, the role of Christianity, the role of Oprah, the 'pornification' of society...everything really! Very interesting stuff. And since it was posted two weeks ago, it's already got a quarter of a million hits. Lady Gaga must be getting worried.
I started watching, and found myself gripped for the whole three hours by Hedges' analysis, and also the sheer breadth of his experience - he trained as a priest, became a war reporter, was in the siege of Sarajevo, covered the first Iraq war, won a Pulitzer covering the War on Terror...then quit the NYT when he objected to the Second Iraq War. He strikes me as a very moral, intelligent and admirable person. Have any of you come across him before? Into his stuff?

If you get through all three hours of that, watch him defend the Occupy movement on CBC, and how he deals with the moronic shock-jock presenter. Masterfully done.