Rabbis, vicars, lamas... your local 'happiness experts'

Check this out - a Rabbi who's rebranded himself a 'happiness expert'. That's happening quite a lot these days, isn't it? Religious leaders re-branding themselves as happiness experts, like the Dalai Lama writing a best-seller called The Art of Happiness. What about Genesis? Exodus? The Book of Job? Daniel? Ecclesiastes? What is there in the Old Testament to give one the idea that God gives a crap about our happiness? [OK, maybe Ecclesiastes is sort-of self-help, see above.] If Job was suddenly transmogrified into our own time, he'd probably go on TV telling us how he has the secret for curing boils.
I love the way the Rabbi says 'pahsative emotion'.
Actually, I think this might be a satire. Is this a satire?