Living in harmony with reality

I like this quote from Loyal Rue's book, Religion Is Not About God:

“The most profound insight in the history of humankind is that we should seek to live in accord with reality. Indeed, living in harmony with reality may be accepted as a formal definition of wisdom. If we live at odds with reality (foolishly), then we will be doomed, but if live in proper relationship with reality (wisely), then we shall be saved. Humans everywhere, and at all times, have had at least a tacit understanding of this fundamental principle. What we are less in agreement about is how we should think about reality and what we should do to bring ourselves into harmony with it.”

Sceptics often call themselves 'reality-based', as if theists simply accept that they're in flight from reality. But as Rue points out, everyone is trying to work out what is going on. Religious people are trying to have as deep a relationship with reality as possible. We all are. I also think he's right that religions answer two demands: personal therapy (how can I be whole and authentic) and social coherence (how can our society live together).

He's a leading proponent of Religious Naturalism, which sounds pretty similar to Stoicism, doesn't it? Here's him talking about his book - he talks about ancient Greek philosophy right at the end.