Jackson's Way

I can't wait to see this. There was a guy who was at my school, Will Adamsdale, five years above me, who was a very talented actor and guitarist, who kind of bummed around for a bit after university, then in 2004 went up to the Edinburgh Festival and put on this strange little show where he played an American self-help guru called Chris John Jackson. And, to everyone's surprise (particularly his), it won the Perrier Award for best comedy newcomer. This despite the fact Will hadn't, I think, done any stand-up. Then he disappeared again (well, OK, he had a small role in The Boat That Rocked). Well, now he's back, doing 26 shows over 26 nights in London, and has once again got rave reviews. I'm going to see him on Sunday at Somerset House. It looks like a brilliant send-up of the self-help world, with all its silly jargon and catch-phrases.