Is Laura there?

I had a real David Lynch moment this morning. I'm staying in Los Angeles for a couple of days, at a hotel off Sunset Boulevard. I get up at 7 this morning, tired and a bit hungover, to go get some breakfast.

As I walk down the street, I see a beautiful girl in jogging pants and a hoodie, standing next to a pay-phone. As I walk past, she approaches me, and says 'excuse me, can i ask for your help?' Sure, I say. 'Can you make a phone call for me? It would be better if its a man's voice.'

Im a bit hungover and shes fit, so I roll with it. No probs, I say. She puts coins into the machine. Her hands are shaking. 'Im nervous', she says. Then she dials a number, and hands me the phone. 'Ask if she's with him', she says. 'If he says who, say Laura'.

I listen to the phone ring. It rings. Then it goes to an answer machine. I hand her back the phone and say, sorry, its an answer machine. 'Ok', she says. 'Thanks for your help'. And I walk off to breakfast.

Weird, huh?


DreamsJules EvansComment