Greatest hits 2011

Here are a top ten of either the most read, or my favourite, posts from the last year.

At number 10, it's the interview with Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut and sixth man to walk on the moon, talking about the epiphany he had in outer space. Far out!

At number 9, from February, it's a piece on 'how to make philosophy epic'.

At number 8, from one of the newsletters, it's a piece on DH Lawrence and the Dionysiac tradition, which got turned into the final appendix in my book.

At number 7, it's one of the many pieces I've written on measuring well-being, and why I am sceptical of it, called A technocratic solution to a spiritual problem.

At number 6, it's my interview with Stephen Greenblatt about how Lucretius helped him overcome his fear of death.

At number 5, a piece on teaching the Good Life in schools.

At number 4, it's some philosophy self-help posters I designed.

At number 3, it's an account of my visit to the Skeptics conference in Las Vegas.

At number 2, it's an account of my visit to Occupy London.

And at number 1, it's a history of tattoos!

Hope you've enjoyed following the blog this year, and you keep reading and spreading the word in 2012 - I really appreciate your comments, support, links, re-tweets etc. Have a great 2012,