Charles Seaford on the politics of well-being: 28/2/2011 in London

Readers of this blog might enjoy this London Philosophy Club event on the politics of well-being, on Monday February 28th at 7pm, upstairs at the Camden Head pub at Angel, Islington. Click on this link and RSVP soon. You need to sign up to the club to RSVP, it doesn't take long.
Charles Seaford on the Modern Politics of Well-Being
Charles Seaford (pictured, right) is head of the
Centre for Well-Being at the New Economics Foundation (nef) think-tank, where he leads work to make well-being the explicit aim of public policy. But how do we define well-being, and how can philosophy help us?

Charles discusses the new politics of well-being, contrasting Aristotle and Jeremy Bentham's differing visions of happiness. Before joining nef, Charles worked at the UK government’s Sustainable Development Commission where he advised on a range of sustainable development policy and communications issues. He previously worked in management consultancy, specialising in strategic change and moral purpose and co-writing a book on moral purpose in business.
He co-founded Prospect Magazine, a leading political and intellectual monthly magazine and earlier in his career worked as an equity analyst in the City and as a branding consultant. Charles has a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and an MSc in Business Studies from the London Business School.NB: Don't go to the Camden Head on Camden High Street - the meeting is happening at the Camden Head in Angel, Islington.

***You can read the new NEF report on measuring wellbeing that Seaford co-authored here. ***