Hello. I’ve been blogging for 10 years now, and have written thousands of essays, which have been read hundreds of thousands of times. I’ve interviewed everyone from the Bishop of London to Derren Brown, from Sister Bliss to David Byrne. I’ve reviewed many books, from Alain de Botton to Douglas Murray to John Gray, posted podcast interviews with Anthony Seldon, Richard Layard and Geoff Dyer, and blogged almost 1000 articles on everything from Stoic philosophy to cognitive therapy, well-being politics to the ecstasy of art and cinemapsychedelics to monasticism, the alt-right to the Alpha Course.

I love writing my newsletter – it’s the most direct way I can communicate my thoughts and experiences with you, and I far prefer it to commissioned articles. It lets me be me, as irreverent and intelligent as I want to be, at whatever length I want, and it lets me connect with you, directly. This blog has amazing readers – it’s not the biggest audience in the world, but it’s made up of people who are intelligent, discerning, good-humoured, widely-read, often widely-travelled, and capable of what Keats called ‘negative capability’ – the capacity to entertain different ideas and to cross cultural boundaries. That’s you!

I think we’ve created something unusual and worthwhile on my blog  – a place, or medium, where I can communicate complex ideas simply, clearly and entertainingly. I hope the blog is always interesting, and occasionally genuinely helpful, uplifting and therapeutic for my readers. You have been a massive part of that – whether it’s helping me with my surveys on sex, dreams and spiritual experiences, sending in book and article recommendations, sharing my posts, or meeting up in real life at one of my events. Please help me keep the tent open and the festival of ideas going.

Writing my newsletter costs me money. The newsletter costs me $40 a month (it costs more as you get more subscribers) and the blog also has costs. I spend on average a day or more each week researching and writing my newsletter. I haven’t charged for this in the past, because the blog was useful to me as I gathered material for my book, but now I need to earn money from my blog to justify the time I spend on it.

I’m asking readers to pledge $2 a month to support my work. If you really love my work and want to be a diamond-supporter, you can pledge $3 a month – this will give you the chance to input on what stories and topics I’ll write about or people I try to interview. If you’re a super-fan, you can pledge $5 a month and become a platinum-supporter – this will earn you more input on my topics, a thank you in the acknowledgements for my next book, and a place in heaven next to St Desmond, patron-saint of freelance journalists.

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I’ll be crafting weekly essays on topics from ancient philosophy to modern psychology, from contemporary politics to spirituality. We’ve travelled a long way over the last 10 years, and to be honest I don’t entirely know where we’ll go on the next, but I promise you it will be interesting, and I hope this blog will help us both navigate our way through the next decade.