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Yesterday, as you probably know, a girl punk band called Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in prison for singing a protest song in Moscow’s cathedral. Later that day, another Moscow beauty staged her own protest. Putin has, literally, lost his cool, and Russians have apparently lost their fear.

The words and video are from Moscow journalist Simon Ostrovsky, the photo is by Vitaly Zalomev:

Yesterday I witnessed this woman’s daring protest atop the high fence around the Turkish embassy in Moscow in support of Pussy Riot. It was totally gripping to watch the police scale the fence and cross into Turkish diplomatic territory to chase after her. And apparently, today, Russia has a new beautiful, political detainee for the front pages. It turns out she was arrested after leaving the embassy according to this post. I won’t be surprised if she’s charged with breaching the embassy wall. Don’t know if the same goes for the cops who violated the Vienna convention by doing the same. We will see.