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I’m looking to do a foundation course in counselling this summer. I’m not certain I want to be a counsellor, but I definitely want more of a qualified grounding for my writing on psychology.

I’ve been looking around for a foundation course, and I must say, the choice is fairly bewildering. You can train in interpersonal therapy, gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis, Jungian psychology, depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, CBT, mindfulness-CBT, REBT, CT, core process therapy, attachment therapy….and more, and more….

I’ve been quite attracted by core process therapy, in fact, which the Karuna Institute offers basic training in at their manor in Devon. A friend of mine did a course there, and says it’s excellent training in mindfulness-based therapy, strongly rooted in Buddhism. I’d love to get further training in Buddhism and meditation, so doing a foundation course in core process therapy might be a good way of combining that with some basic teaching in counselling.

On the other hand, maybe I should simply train in CBT, seeing as I know that that works well with emotional disorders, and also that there’s a ready-made market for it through the NHS…

I’m meeting some therapist friends this week to discuss different training courses available, will keep you all posted on the findings.